Earrings always complete a look, but more than that, for Indigenous people, 
they bring in good energy, love from the beader, 
and help us walk in a good way.  

Earrings are so versatile and there are so many 
styles and ways of wearing them.  Take your pick!!

Patchwork fringes with surgical steel findings $40

Black and grey two tone custom cab earrings 
with fingernail posts $55

Soothing Sage 3 point star custom cab earrings
with fingernail posts $55

Soothing Sage custom cab earrings with fingernail posts $45

Beaded wire earrings with charms “strength and courage”  $20

Custom sage matte cabs drops $45

Camo fun! Custom cabs with camo beading! $40

beaded birchbark on hide - $30 

Rose gold, black and grey beaded hoops - $35


beaded wire hoops - $18 

Custom Matte teardop cab black and silver beaded drops - $45

custom cab gold and amethyst drops - $40

custom black matte cab beaded seed bead drops - $65

Wire hoop series - orange delicas with pink chevrons - $15

Wire hoop series - beaded wires $15

Birchbark drops with lotus $20

Beaded flowers on birchbark and hide  $25

Follow your Little hearts on birch bark. $10

coffee matte cabs with coffee and turqoise beads $40

beaded hoops  $25

Birchbark dangles $20

Brown and baby blue fringes  $35
Blue star beaded hoops  $25

Mashkiki series - mini bead cedar drops, custom cabs - $40

Grandmother Moon series drops, custom cabs- $40

Mashkiki series - cedar drops with V findings, custom cabs - $65

Multi-dimensional custom cabs, antique inspired drops - $55

Blueberry drops with custom blueberry cabs

$40 sold

Mashkiki series - sage custom cabs beaded drop earrings

$40 sold

Mustard drops with custom cabs 


Mashkiki series: Bashkodejibik/Sage
custom made cabochon beaded drop earrings

$40 sold

Grandmother moon earrings
with custom multi-dimensional cabochon 

straight porcupine quills - medicine from the quilled ones!  - $20

I wanted to experiment with freestyle fringes!!

 I like the idea of no pattern, no rules. 

So I  I came up with these earrings - a circle with fringes of all 

different lengths hanging down, and random colours and size beads. 

That’s why I call them free-spirit! 

They give me the feel of riding a motorcycle cross country, with the sun and breeze on your face  and not a care in the world!



             a small pair of drop earring I made using resin cabochons I made!! 
                                         I think they turned out pretty cute! 

orange/red/black diagonal fringes - sold

small beaded loops - $15

medium beaded loops - $15

small beaded loops - $15

fringes - $25


Fringes - $30  sold

beaded fringes - $45  sold

$45 sold

$40  sold

double porcupine quills - $25

Beaded with love, and with some extra medicine from the quilled ones!!
$60  sold

earrings and bracelet set - $40 for the set   sold

beaded fringes - $40   

gorgeous black and grey fringes - $45      sold

$30       sold

rafiki and fringes set - $70      sold

porcupine quill fringes - $60    sold

$45      sold


straight backs - $30

red drops - $25

beaded hoops - $25

drop dangles - $30

small straight back studs - $20

aventurine drops - $50     sold

small twisty drops - $15

long fringes - $40

abalone shells - $10

beaded hoops - $40      sold

beaded pow wow earrings - $100     sold

even length fringes - $25

Turquoise drop earrings - $45    sold

"Free-spirit" earrings and choker set
 $15 each or $25 for the set.


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