Swaying Cedars Reiki

I have been a Reiki practioner since 2003, and Reiki Master since 2005. 
Reiki brings a sense of well-being and relaxation and can compliment treatments for both physical healing and healing of trauma and soul healing.  

Reiki Sessions are available by appointment.  Availability is limited.  

Sessions are $70 for 45 minutes. 

To schedule an appointment, email: swayingcedarsreiki@gmail.com

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing. It uses the universal life force to promote an all-over feeling of well-being, and wholeness. A reiki treatment leaves one feeling relaxed, peaceful and balanced. The word Reiki means: rei - universal and ki - energy. And so during a reiki treatment, the universal energy or life-force flows through one’s being, promoting wellness.


The Chakra system:


There are seven major chakras aligned along the spinal column. Each organ, gland or body system is connected to a chakra. Sometimes, one or more chakras become unbalanced, causing health and/or emotional disturbances in the body. A reiki treatment also works on the chakra system and helps to balance any disturbances. Sometimes a reiki practitioner will use various healing stones or gems which are associated with the different chakras to help restore balance to the chakra system and the body system as a whole.

What is reiki good for?

Reiki is helpful for almost any mind, body or spiritual concern.  Reiki can work as a complimentary treatment in cases of physical ailments and disease.  It is also very helpful for emotional upset, depression, or when a person is feeling unbalanced.  Reiki helps to "rebalance" us and put our energy system back in alignment.