Reiki treatments are $75.00
or book 3 treatments for

Hours vary. Please call or email for further information.

Swaying Cedars is not currently taking new clients.  
What is reiki good
Reiki is helpful for almost any mind, body or spiritual concern.  Reiki can work as a complimentary treatment in cases of physical ailments and disease.  It is also very helpful for emotional upset, depression, or when a person is feeling unbalanced.  Reiki helps to "rebalance" us and put our energy system back in alignment. 

What can I expect

from a

Reiki session?

Reiki sessions are done on a massage table.  You keep all your clothing on, except for shoes.  The practitioner will move their hands over your body and perhaps gently touch you.  There is no pain involved.  Most people fall asleep during a reiki session.  Your session will leave you relaxed, with an all over feeling of well-being.