Seasonal Allergies

Summer is almost with us.  We look forward to sunny summer days, and warm summer nights.  Barbeques, swimming, biking, hiking are all wonderful activities that conjure up memories of summer.  However, summer also comes with a host of discomforts for many people.  Hay fever is a condition experienced by about 25% of Canadians, and for many of those, symptoms are so severe that they are prevented from enjoying what summer has to offer.  For some people, summer is spent indoors, trying to stay away from allergens that cause their intense discomfort - runny, itchy eyes, runny, itchy nose, difficulty breathing, sneezing, wheezing.........  How can reiki help?  Allergies are caused by an imbalance in our energy system.  When our energy is not in balance, our body begins to recognize these allergens as foreign invaders in our bodies and we produce histamine to fight them off.  The histamine, however, causes our unpleasant reactions.  When the body is brought back into balance, our organs are able to function better and begin to react more positively to these invaders. 

Over the counter remedies are available, but the problem with these is that they do nothing to remedy the underlying condition.  Antihistamines may bring temporary relief, but the condition remains. These remedies also come with side effects and these remedies don't work for everyone.  Some people find no relief at all.  Trying to balance the body and treat the underlying condition is a more long-term and desirable option.

More tips for allergy sufferers:

v   eat a whole food diet, full of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic whenever available

v   get plenty of exercise, and plenty of rest - don't use summertime as an excuse to stay up 'til all hours and become overtired

v   take good quality vitamin supplements, especially lots of vitamin C

v   try the following hay fever remedy, which has given me amazing relief:

Þ    take 1/4 cup bee pollen (preferably local, but if not available, whatever you can find)

Þ    pour over about 4 tablespoons of boiling water (just enough to make the pollen very soggy)

Þ    add 1/4 cup honey (again, preferably local)

Þ    mix together in a resealable container, and refrigerate

Þ    take 1/4 teaspoon of the mixture for a week, then

Þ    take 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of the mixture for another 3 weeks

Þ    Note:  this treatment should be started preferably in February, for 2 weeks, then stop, then start again in May; however, it can be started at anytime - if you start later, don't stop, just do a 4 week treatment


Happy Summer!!