Seasonal Affected disorder



Has Spring sprung?


Canada is a country of natural beauty, vast, open spaces, majestic mountains and beautiful sea.  We enjoy an excellent standard of living here, and most Canadians would agree that it's a great place to live.  Except for one thing; that is..... the weather.  As Canadians, we spend much of our waking time from around November to early May, consumed by the weather.  We watch the weather channel, we stay glued to the news to catch the weather, we turn on the radio as we drive to work - to hear the weather - what else?  We make frequent visits to the weather channel's website throughout our day.  By April, we hope with each passing day, that "tomorrow will be warmer".  And when the north wind once again ravages us and it's too cold to enjoy a nice walk in the park, we complain that we can hardly take any more of this. 

But alas, the day finally comes when there is but a warm, soothing breeze and the sun shines down its warmth on us.  The world is as it should be.......because it's finally June, the snow is long gone and we can spend our days outdoors.  The only thing to worry about now:  November is coming.

So, how do we cope with our way too long Canadian winters?  For many, not only is the winter long and cold, but it is also SAD.  Scores of Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder, or SAD, which is, indeed, no laughing matter.  Others simply get a mild case of the blues, or feel the effects of cabin fever. 

However you may be affected by our winter months, reiki can be a powerful spirit lifter in those weighing times.  Reiki restores our energy balance.  It clears our minds and puts us in a much more positive mind-set.  Reiki also helps to restore our physical energy, which can become depleted during the winter months.  It gives us a sense of calm and a feeling of inner peace. 

As a compliment to other therapies, reiki can help to bring renewed happiness to help us cope with the winter blues.